Donor Honor Roll

With Gratitude

The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute recognizes gifts received from individuals, foundations, businesses, and government agencies in 2021.


Ann Ash
Community Health Funders Alliance
Eugene and Jane Petchesky Fund,
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Brad and Kathy Holian
Insight CPA Group
Andrea Fisher Maril
M. Gale & Associates
Linda Osborne
Elizabeth Rice
State of New Mexico
The Hayes Foundation
The John C. Griswold Family Foundation
The Seattle Foundation
Wallace Genetic Foundation


Barker Realty
Sallie Bingham
Descartes Labs
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Richard and Julie Humphreys
Robert and Marsha Jones
Joel and Lisa Kantor
Michael Knight
Nancy Ann Mellen Foundation
New Mexico Bank & Trust
Nusenda Credit Union
Steele Family Foundation
Pam Walker
Paul and Patricia Winkler


Gilbert Archuleta and Audrey Esquibel
Ark Foundation
Avalon Trust
Michael Batte and Wanda Kile
Kyle and Tabitha Burns
Charles Case and Pamela Culwell
Christine Castro
Century Bank
Margo Cutler
Joa Dattilo and Janie Oakes
Elsner Law & Policy, LLC
Jama Fontaine
Christina Gattuso
Barbara Goede
Guadalupe Credit Union
Eun Hong
David Huntley
Kay Duke Ingalls
Kaitlyn Kimzey
Lazy BG Farm
David Loeb
Michael McGeary and Sherry Snyder
Todd and Peggy Myers
Fred and Yasuyo Nugent
Dennis and Trudy O’Toole
Payne’s Nurseries & Greenhouses, Inc.
Louisa Stude Sarofim
Wilson and Jenna Scanlan
William Snead
Thornburg Investment Management
Andrew Wallerstein and Mary Sloane


Catherine Allport
Keith Anderson and Barbara Lenssen
Joan Brooks Baker and Margeaux Klein
Caroline Cavalie
Gonzalo and Margaret Correa
Tom and Mary Dixon
Patricia Foschi
Jennifer French
Jonathan Gantt
Gloria Holloway
Edelma and David Huntley
Chris and Sara Julsrud
Dale and Judy Keedy
Edwina Lieb
Alasdair Lindsay
Daniel and Emily Lopez
Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm
David and Susan Lummis
Ron and Joy Mandelbaum
Jill Markstein and Russell Tims
Monica Martinez-Pringle and Greg Pringle
Janice L. Mayer
Steven Ovitsky
Bruce and Susie Peden
Nina Rosenberg
RZ’s Bees
Al and Mary Anne Sanborn
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Louis and Barbara Sklar
State Employees Credit Union
Penny Taylor Rembe
Jefferson Taylor
Thalia Venerable
Gail Wadsworth
Mark Wallace and Gretchen Elsner
Truel and Joan West
Karen Wolfe-Mattison
Steve Young
Barbara Zickler


Ann Aceves
Bob Alei and Sharon Gonzalez-Alei
Mackenzie and Jesse Allen
Scott Allen
Amazon Smile
Stewart and Blair Beakley Anderson
Barbara Anderson-Acosta
Anonymous (2)
Contessa Archuleta
Meleah Artley
Sam Baca and Rita Rios-Baca
Roxanne Barber
Ricardo and Kimberly Barbera
Brian Bartle
JoAnn Bethel
Claudia Borchert
Brenda Brand
Lori Brody and Fabrizio Giovannini
Jeanne Brown
J. and M. Buchholz
Debbie Burns
Brian Burrell
Jack and Anne Burton
Catherine Campbell
Ellen Casey and Nubia Domres
Barbara Cassler
Erin Cave
Jacqueline Chase
Barbara Chatterjee
Cloud Cliff Bakery
Elaine Coleman
Larry Colin
John Connell
Melissa Contreras
Dennis Cooper and Adelaide Collins
Lorenzo Dominguez
Jacalyn Dougherty
John and Lucy Draper
Julienne Duquesne
Nathaniel Earls
EFT Farm
James Faris
Paul Farrier
Lois Farrington
Navid Fatemi
Micaela Fischer
Richard and Dorothy Fitch
Harlan and Christine Flint
Brenda Fresquez
Jennifer Fresquez and Gilbert Morales
Diane Friedman
Malcolm and Linda Gardner
Paul Gibson
James Gould
Bradley Gummersall and Oneida Brooks
Alan Gutierrez
Peter Hagen and Lindsay Faulkner Hagen
Elizabeth Hansen
Jill and Linda Herman
Michael and Judy Herrmann
High Desert Honey
Seth and Glennis Hinshaw
Sherry Hooper
James Hopkins and Patricia LaSalle
Melody Hunt
Jack Hunter
Keren James
Elisabeth Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Norman Johnson
Georgia Jones-Davis
Allison Jones-Lo
Alex Josef
Jane Kepp
Richard and Doris Kessler
Jerri Killian
Mary Kircher and John Wagner
John Kirk
Jennifer Kirtland
Sam and Elise Konigsberg
Nancy Lacy
Guido Lambelet
Susan Lanier
Dreah LaRue
Robin Laughlin
Ann Lavine and Kevin Possin
Bill Leeson and Heather Karlson
Peter Leiggi
Berit Leonard
Julia Leveille
Douglas Loesch
Alex and Karen LoRusso
Lotus Farms, LLC
Paul and Donna Luehrmann
Alston Lundgren
Jeanne MacIntosh
Evan Mackinder
Lisa Maher
Eileen Mandel
Peter and Patricia Manna
Robert Marcus and Ann Coulston-Marcus
Norman Marks and Judith Benkendorf
Walton and Frederick Marshall
Mary McCusker
Robyn and Joseph Miller
Mike Mondoux
Stephen and Kathleen Morse
Riette Mugleston
Mark and Reno Myerson
Catherine Campbell
Frank and Joan Nordstrum
Sarah Noss and Tamara Prochorhick
James and Susan Oberlander
Rose O’Connell-Marion
Alan Overton
Dave and Katie Parish
Scott Paulson
Joyce Peat
Justin Pichardo
Jonni Lu Pool
James Porter
Rancho de Chimayo
Deborah Redmond
Amy Regalado
Reynaldo Romero Farm
Reyah Sunshine Farm, LLC
Lou Ringe and Deborah Weinberg
Emma Rodriguez
Kenneth Romero
Patsie Ross
Erma Ruth
Ann Sacks Sonya and Myron Salamon
Diane Sandoval-Griego and Andrew Griego
Paula Sass Donnelly
Charlotte Schroeder and Malcolm Addey
Gregory Sellers
Bob and Maureen Shearer
Sharlene Shoemaker
Robin Smith
Bert Snyder and Susan Bergholz
Daniel Sokolowski
Joan Sokolowski
Laurrie Sostman
Fredrick and Maria Suazo
Amanda Sweitzer
Rebecca Tobey
Wolky and Mollie Toll
Andrew and Carrie Treinen
Trilogy Beef
David and Lynda Underwood
Urban Rebel Farm
John Urbanowski
Carla Van Cleef
Michael and Laurie Vander Velde
David and Liz Vlaming
Jo Ann Ward
Nicholas Webb
Alan Webber
Robert and Bonnie Whalen
Paul and Jane Wilken
Valerie Wilson
Mark Winne
Barak Wolff and Cecilia Popp
Barbara Wolff
Chris and Nancy Wood
Judith Wooster
Nancy Zeckendorf
Ellen Zieselman

We are very grateful for the support of our
donors and endeavor to credit all donations correctly. However if you find that a correction is needed on your listing, please e-mail


In honor of Lisa Kantor
Edwina Lieb

In honor of Janice Mayer
Charlotte Schroeder and Malcolm Addey

In honor of Kierstan Pickens
Thalia Venerable

In Memoriam

In memory of Jim Sullivan
Ann Aceves

In memory of Luella Browne
Ellen S. Casey and Nubia Domres

In memory of Mathew Kubarski
Peter and Patricia Manna

In memory of Matt Kubarski
Daniel Sokolowski

In memory of Matt Kubarski
Joan Sokolowski

In memory of Kelly Cowan
Amanda Sweitzer