Market Pavilion

Market Pavilion

The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Pavilion
is home to the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market.

The Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Institute owns and operates the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Pavilion, home to the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market. Opened in 2008, the Market Pavilion was the first new construction in downtown Santa Fe that is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold-certified, and the first newly constructed farmers’ market building in the nation incorporating the most energy efficient and green standards.

The Market Pavilion can accommodate 600 guests and is regularly rented by community groups and other nonprofits for conferences and workshops, and for family celebrations including weddings and quinceañeras. One of only a handful of event venues in Santa Fe of its size (9,300 square feet), by June 2022, there were already 30 large scale gatherings planned for that year.

Additionally, space is rented to Second Street Brewery which is located on the street level and provides hospitality for Market attendees. Descartes Labs leases office space on the second floor.

The Institute maintains and improves the Market space. In 2021, this included adding Edison-style lighting, replacing the parapet over the main entrance, installing a key fob lock system to enhance security, repairing the solar water heating system, refreshing paint, and addressing safety issues outside the building. In 2022 it was determined whether a partial or complete stucco was needed, at a cost of $40,000 to $70,000.

Although I am grateful for the creature comforts of shelter during inclement weather and restroom facilities, we had a much more comprehensive vision. We wanted a place where we could create economic growth, not only for the farmers directly, but also indirectly by creating jobs for professionals in marketing, management, and building maintenance that would support the farmers.

- Farmer in on the ground floor of building the Market Pavilion