Farmer Programs

Farmer Programs Overview

Microloans, Professional Development and Training, Scholarships, Tool Library

Successful farming also requires great skill in cultivating business expertise and making a profit. The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute programs for farmers are designed to help farmers achieve both of these skill sets.

Microloan Program

Our microloan program awards low-interest, flexible loans to Market vendors for a wide range of projects for farm infrastructure. Along with loans, the microloan program also provides farmers with financial consultation from lending and business experts.


Complementing the microloan program, our professional development and training program helps farmers develop marketing and branding expertise, not only through the institute’s own workshops but also through scholarships for training outside of the institute.

Scholarship Program

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market vendors can apply for up to $300 in scholarships annually to pay for programs, seminars, classes, webinars, retreats, conferences and certifications which will directly impact their operations.


Working in partnership with the Northern New Mexico Young Farmers Alliance, the Institute provides storage space for a tool lending library. This collective offers farmers an opportunity to borrow tools that are essential for farmers, but may be cost prohibitive to own by an individual, or may only be necessary for a brief period each year.

Supporting the Del Sur Market, the Institute opens up additional selling opportunities for the vendors, while providing farm-fresh produce, eggs, bread and other essentials to the underserved south side of Santa Fe.

In addition to programing for farmer and vendors, the Institute offers programs for shoppers and the food community. The Institute staffs the Information Booth at all of the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market where it administers the Double Up Food Bucks program, Fresh Rx, redeems Presbyterian Employee Wellness Vouchers, and enrolls CSA subscribers for the “My AG Bag” service.

Each year the Program Committee, comprised of vendors, Board Members, and community representatives, assesses which programs made the most impact and are top priorities. They retain the ability to add others as need and when the opportunity arises.

The strength and resiliency of our local farm and food community depend on the economic strength and agricultural resiliency of our farmers. To serve these ends is the primary purpose of all of our programs.