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Expand your reach and align with the Institute’s mission to make healthy, locally grown food easily accessible to the community of Santa Fe”

It seems incredible to many engaged in business and corporate activities in New Mexico that 20 years have passed since the nonprofit partner of the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute, was founded. In 2002, a capital campaign was launched to create a permanent home for the farmers from the 15 counties of Northern New Mexico and to provide healthy, local produce for the community at large.

The Market Pavilion opened in 2008, and has become a premiere Santa Fe tourist destination drawing thousands of visitors to the Railyard District every Saturday year-round, and on Tuesday mornings seasonally.

Located in the heart of Santa Fe, The Market Pavilion can accommodate 600 guests and is regularly rented by community groups and other nonprofits for conferences and workshops, and family celebrations including weddings and quinceañeras. One of only a handful of event venues in Santa Fe of its size (9,300 square feet), there are already more than 30 large scale gatherings planned in 2023.

I am sure that as a business owner, you can appreciate that the Institute is an economic driver for the Railyard District and Santa Fe in general. Please consider joining us as a business sponsor, and take advantage of the recognition opportunities enumerated on the sponsorship benefits flyer.