Our Mission

About The Institute

Supporting the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market’s efforts to make healthy, locally grown food easily accessible to the community

Founded in 2002, the nonprofit Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute (the Institute) was created to support the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market’s efforts to make healthy, locally grown food easily accessible to the community. The Institute’s first goal was to provide and maintain an affordable year-round space for vendors to sell their goods.

Since then Institute has expanded outreach to the local agricultural community by providing farmers with professional development and training programs, microloans and business consulting. For the community, the Institute administers Double Up Food Bucks, a program that doubles EBT/SNAP transactions to increase shoppers purchasing power, contributing to the northern New Mexico economy by supporting its farmers. We also partner with the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market to bring more fresh, healthy food to the Southside via the Santa Fe Farmers’ Del Sur Market.

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute’s Mission

The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute’s mission is to advocate for farmers, ranchers and other land-based producers; provide equitable access to fresh, local food; own and operate a year-round venue for the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market; and manage programs to help sustain a profitable, locally-based agricultural community.

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute’s Values

  • Our organizations ENVISION a vital and sustainable regional agricultural system by upholding our missions to care for the environment, the local economy, and the people of our community.
  • We demonstrate INTEGRITY by endeavoring to ensure Market products are the highest-quality and locally produced.
  • We demonstrate EQUITY by embracing the diversity of the community, through increasing food access, and by prioritizing bilingual communication for customers and vendors.
  • We demonstrate COMMUNITY by offering programs that honor diversity, convening farmers markets reflective of our northern New Mexico community, and through the Market as a hub of social interaction.
  • We demonstrate COOPERATION by nurturing healthy working relationships among Market and Institute teams, and through our extensive collaborative, community partnerships and outreach.
  • We demonstrate KINDNESS through our commitment to respectful social interactions with each other and with visitors to the Market.

Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 30-0124953.