Supporting Local Training

Scholarships that help local vendors share their knowledge and skills

The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute encourages vendors to participate in conferences and workshops to expand their knowledge base, share information with colleagues, and develop business and farming skills. To support these activities, scholarships are offered to offset the cost of registration and related expenses.

Scholarship Policies

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market vendors may apply for up to $300 in scholarships annually (calendar year) for programs, seminars, classes, webinars, retreats, conferences and certifications that are not directly associated with or supported by the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute.

Vendors may use the scholarship to pay for programs, seminars, classes, webinars, retreats, conferences and certifications which will directly impact their operations.  In addition, they may use the funds to pay for mileage/travel and accommodations, if appropriate.

Scholarships are only available to current members in good standing. Members who have defaulted on a Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute Microloan are not eligible to apply for scholarship monies until the balance of the defaulted loan is paid off in full.

Applications must be made to the Program Development Director using the application form.

Scholarships are provided as reimbursements after the event has occurred.  The vendor must have completed the intended training or attended the event.  Missed events or trainings not completed will not be reimbursed.

Vendors are encouraged to apply for scholarships before registering for any event or training, so they know if the scholarship is approved.  Once approved and the training or event has been completed, the vendor should notify the Program Development Director. The Program Development Director will provide a check request form to be submitted for reimbursement.