Professional Development and Training Program 

Professional Development
and Training

Collaboration with national experts and local organizations to lead hands-on experiential workshops

Farmers don’t often have expendable income or much free time. This limits their access to professional development opportunities, which can limit their ability to grow their business. We collaborate with local and national experts to provide a Training and Professional Development Program for Market vendors and potential new vendors. We offer scholarships to outside trainings and organize workshops of our own to help our vendors improve their skills, share knowledge, and strengthen their businesses.

The Institute has hosted workshops on food safety, marketing and branding, social media, rainwater harvesting, value added certification, healthy soils, and writing a business plan. Additionally, vendors received scholarships to attend the New Mexico Organic Farming Conference, the Rocky Mountain Seed Summit, a Mushroom Cultivators workshop, Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference, Apple Production Workshop at Tooley’s Trees hosted by Michael Phillips, and the Acres Conference and countless other learning opportunities.

Previous workshop topics have included:

  • Farm to Table Farmers Teaching Farmers Workshop Series
  • Hands-on Hoop House Construction
  • Greenhouse Construction
  • Soil Fertility
  • Greenhouse Propagation
  • Solar
  • Marketing