Annie Krahl

Annie Krahl

Board Member, Annie's Herb Farm

Annie Krahl has been farming since the summer of 2016 and is gearing up to start the 6th season of her own operation, Annie's Herbs. Her focus is medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and a wide array of salad and cooking greens with a focus on the more obscure varieties and edible bouquets of greens -variety being the spice of life! She sells the herbs fresh (in season) and dried in both bulk and blended into delicious and healing herbal teas. Passionate about food accessibility and social justice, Annie approaches farming as a way to not only feed her community, but strengthen it through access, education and connection.

A note from Annie:

For me, farming is more than a passion or a job - it was a calling that not only re-connected me to the land, but to myself. To struggle is to be human, but when I put my hands in the earth, as I labored to cultivate food, I began to heal, to soften, to open back up while feeling more 'a part of' than I had since the innocence of childhood.

As a single mom of two incredible humans, 3 & 10, I am able to provide a quality of life farming that far outweighs our society's notions of financial gains. Connection to land, to people, the tangible notion of what hard work provides. Food is a universal need and good, fresh, local food is medicine. I want to use food and herbs as the stepping stones to heal the body and soul for not just the privileged, but to the wider community of underserved Northern New Mexicans.

As I step into a greater leadership role, these are the tenets I want to be driven by: How do we increase food accessibility/affordability while supporting and uplifting diversity? I believe that by focusing on the greater success of the whole community, farmers and consumers, we can enact meaningful change. We are stronger together.