Anna Griswold

Anna Griswold

Market Programs Manager

Anna Griswold’s appointment as Market Programs Manager is the culmination of five years of dedicated service to the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute. Arriving in New Mexico in 2015, Ms. Griswold immersed herself in the Institute as an active volunteer, serving both at the Information Booth and in giving Market Fresh Cooking demonstrations. In 2018, she became a part-time staff member concentrating on supervising private events and welcoming guests to the Pavilion. In her current role, she oversees the Information Booth, coordinates event rentals, and coordinates volunteers. Anna Griswold believes that her “time as a volunteer is hugely beneficial in her new position, as she has a first-hand appreciation of the volunteer experience. She recognizes that advanced planning, orientation, and training are essential in happily integrating volunteers into the organization.”

Prior to joining the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute, Anna Griswold was a travel industry professional serving as Nationwide Operations Manager at the New York City headquarters of the German-based firm Go America Tours for over a decade. Specializing in adventure travel, she also served as the Director of Asia 360, a subsidiary of Natural Habitat Adventures, as the Mongolian Ground Operator and Operations Manager for Nomad Tours, and as a guide for the Utah-based Snowlion Expeditions where she led tours throughout Asia; including Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia.. The native of Debrecen, Hungary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from the Külkereskedelmi Föiskola in Budapest. Ms. Griswold is multi-lingual; speaking her mother tongue, Hungarian, as well as Czech, English, German, and Russian fluently.

When she is able to be outdoors, Anna Griswold is an avid camper and hiker (especially bouldering). Indoor interests include an appreciation of contemporary classical music, and adventurous cooking: grilled yak heart and poached halibut cheek are favorite preparations