2017 Annual Report

We are grateful for all of our generous supporters. Your investment in New Mexico agriculture strengthens our community and ensures the success of our programs. We could not do this work without you! Thank you!

* In-Kind Donations

# Board Member

% Market Vendor


City of Santa Fe                                

The Frost Foundation                                    

* Hutton Broadcasting                  

LANL Major Subcontractors Consortium                                               

Onota Foundation                                          

The Seattle Foundation                                

State of New Mexico                                    

Anne Linden Steele                                       

Steele Family Foundation                                            

USDA – US Department of Agriculture                                   

Wallace Genetic Foundation                                                                                      

$5,000 – $9,999

Jonathan and Kathleen Altman                                 

Sallie Bingham                                  

Century Bank                                    

# Brad and Kathleen Holian        

*KSFR 101.1                       

Ramon and Nance Lopez                                             

Linda Osborne                                  

# Wilson and Jenna Scanlan        

Thornburg Investment Management                                    

$2,500 – $4,999

Ann Griffith Ash                                              

Barker Realty                                    

Joa Dattilo and Janie Oakes                                        

Eugene and Jane Petchesky Fund, SFCF

Lannan Foundation                                        

Los Alamos National Bank                                           

# Michael McGeary and Sherry Snyder #

Nancy Scanlan                                  

Stryder and Phoenix Simms                                       

Paul and Patricia Winkler                                             

$1,000 – $2,499

Richard and Kathy Abeles                                            

David and Margaret Ater                                             

Avalon Trust                                      

Margery Mariel Bobbs Johnson                                

# Kyle and Tabitha Burns

# Charles Case and Pamela Culwell  

James David and Gary Peese                                     

Claire Dishman                                 

* Dotfoil Computers

Egolf + Ferlic + Harwood                                              

* Firecode Core

Gemini Rosemont                                          

* Il Piatto, Italian Farmhouse Kitchen

David Loeb and Kelly Cowan                                      

Nancy Meem Wirth                                       

New Mexico Bank & Trust                                           

Fred and Yasuyo Nugent                                             

Payne’s Nurseries & Greenhouses, Inc.                                

The Peters Family Art Foundation                                           

* Reflective Jewelry

Robins, Cloud LLP                                            

* Rosalie Bay

Sandia Area Federal Credit Union                                            

Louisa Stude Sarofim                                     

David and Jordan Smith                                

* Sunrise Springs Resort

$500 – $999

Ark Foundation                                

* Artichokes & Pomegranates                   

Michael Batte and Wanda Kile                                   

Elspeth Bobbs                                  

Elizabeth Bremner and Karen Crow                                        

Joan Brooks Baker and Margeaux Klein                                 

Dea Burmeister                                               

Scott and Elizabeth Christopher                                

Camille Coates                                 

* CultureSpace LLC

Randall Dry and Ocean Munds Dry                                          

Family Medicine Partners of Santa Fe                                    

* Fiasco Fine Wine

Katya Franzgen                                

JoAnn Garges                                   

* Green Fire Times

* Grow Y’Own  

Guadalupe Credit Union                                              

Thomas Higley and Alan Fleischauer                                       

* Image Ratio

* Inn of the Five Graces

* International Folk Art Alliance

Chris and Sara Julsrud                                   

# Joel and Lisa Kantor

* KSWV Que Suave Radio AM 810           

* Lisa Law

Alasdair Lindsay                                               

* Deborah Madison

Jill Markstein                                     

Kierstan Pickens and Jason Malone                                        

Reynolds + Rodar Insurance Group                                         

*% Romero Farms          

Bob and Maureen Shearer                                         

Statements In Tile, Lighting, Kitchens, Flooring                                  

* Ten Thousand Waves Spa and Resort

Andrew Wallerstein and Mary Sloane                                    

$250 – $499

James Auerbach                                              

Stephen Badger                                              

Gay Block                                           

* Body, Inc.                       

George and Carol Burleson                                         

Laura Deikel                                      

The Douglass Family Foundation                                              

Brian and Kelly Egolf                                      

* Eldorado Hotel & Spa

* Gabriella Marks Photography

Lou and Lynda Gavioli                                   

Larry and Barbara Good                                               

John and Chesney Gulas                                              

Frank Herdman and Alice Temple                                            

Robb and Naomi Hirsch                                

* Jambo Cafe & Imports

Jennifer Johnson                                            

* La Choza

Susan Lanier                                      

Kate and Marcel Legendre                                          

Gerald and Joyce Levine                                              

Carl and Gloria Luff                                         

Ron and Joy Mandelbaum                                          

Robert Marcus and Ann Coulston-Marcus                                           

# Christine McDonald and Bonifacio Armijo

Dan Merians – UBS Financial Services                                     

Joseph and Robyn Miller                                             

*% Monte Vista Organic Farm

* Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine 

Nedra Matteucci Galleries                                          

Suzi Owens                                        

Dave and Katie Parish                                   

Randy and Joyce Peat                                   

* Phoenix Security

* Radish & Rye

Railyard Urgent Care                                     

Joohee and Lee Rand                                    

Elizabeth Rice                                   

Alan Rolley                                         

Patrick Samora and Julie Martinez                                           

Al and Mary Anne Sanborn                                         

* Sandia Resort & Casino

* Santa Fe Farmers Market Gift Shop

* School For Advanced Research             

Louis and Barbara Sklar                                 

Jean Stokes                                       

* Surroundings

* Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

Tecolote Cafe                                   

* Terra/Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado                               

Thalia Venerable                                             

* Verde Juice                    

* Vinaigrette                     

Pam Walker                                       

William and Jemima Winkler                                      

* Wolf Creek Ski Area

$100 – $249

Ann Aceves                                       

* Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta                        

Thom Allen and Ouida MacGregor                                          

Charmay Allred                                

* American Home                           

Stewart Anderson and Blair Beakley                                       


Richard and Patricia Arens                                           

* The Ark Bookstore

* Aroma Coffee

Meleah Artley                                  

* Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Ricardo and Kimberly Barbera                                   

Ralph and Breshaun Bolton                                        

Stuart and Brenda Brand                                             

*% Buckin’ Bee Honey

Amy V. Bunting                                

* Cafe Pasqual’s

Ellen S. Casey and Nubia Domres                                             

% Tami Cavitt (CLC Pecans)

* CCA Santa Fe

* Cheesemongers          

Donna Clark                                       

#% Stan and Rosemary Crawford (El Bosque Garlic Farm)

* The Critters & Me                       

Mark and Ann Crouse                                   

*# Pamela Culwell          

Margo Cutler                                    

* Dave & Busters                                            

Bruce Donnell                                   

John Doyle                                         

* Earthfire Gems Gallery             

*%El Bosque Garlic Farm

Freda Elliott                                       

Pamela Epple                                    

James Faris                                        

Jim and Sandra Fitzpatrick                                           

Harlan and Christine Flint                                             

Rebecca Frenkel                                              

# Brenda Fresquez         

% Dave and Loretta Fresquez (Monte Vista Organic Farm)           

% Jennifer Fresquez (Monte Vista Organic Farm)

Malcolm & Linda Gardner                                            

* Geronimo                       

Judi Hadfield                                     

Peter Hagen and Lindsay Faulkner Hagen                                            

Haila Harvey                                      

* Heaven and Earth Bodyworks                                

Michael and Judy Herrmann                                      

Frank Hoback and La Merle Boyd                                             

Sherry Hooper                                 

Howard Johnson Albuquerque Midtown              *                            

*#% Jacona Farm

Judith Haden Photography                                         

Dale and Judy Keedy                                     

Jane Kepp                                          

* Keshi, The Zuni Connection                    

Mary Kircher                                     

* La Boca            

* The Lensic Performing Arts Center

Eddie Lewis and Mary Feidt                                        

#% Phil Loomis (Jacona Farm)

Alex and Karen LoRusso                                               

Los Alamos National Laboratory Employees                                        

* Los Rios River Runners                              

* Love Yourself Café

Paul and Donna Luehrmann                                       

David and Susan Lummis                                             

* Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project            

*% Montoya Orchard / Wicked Kreations

* Native Bloom Landscaping                      

* New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation                 

* NM Tour Guide                                            

Sarah Noss                                         

Greg O’Byrne and Jackie Hall                                      

Duncan and Elizabeth Osborne                                 

Osteria D’ Assisi                                               

Edie Pace                                            

Richard and Jane Padberg                                           

* The Pantry Restaurant

Justina Petway                                 

Jane Phillips-Conroy                                      

Photo-Eye *                      

Sandra Place                                     

Rob and Barbara Reider                                               

* Reunity Resources                      

Lou Ringe and Deborah Weinberg                                           

Patricia Roach                                   

% Matt Romero (Romero Farms)

*% Patrick Romero         

Daniel Rosenthal                                             

Taiyoko and Nao Sadewic                                            

* Sage Bakehouse

* Santa Facials  

* Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society

* Santa Fe Master Gardener Association              

* Santa Fe Opera            

* Santa Fe Playhouse

* Santa Fe School of Cooking

Dave and Barb Sawyer                                  

Herman and Joan Scheinberg                                    

* The Shed

Sharlene Shoemaker                                     

John and Gloria Silver                                    

* SITE Santa Fe

Sharon S. Smith                                               

* Smith Veterinary Hospital                        

Bert Snyder and Susan Bergholz                                               

% Anne Sommariva (Mountain Flower Farm)

* Squash Blossom           

* Step Outdoors, LLC     

Marc Stess and Alice Sealey                                       

Jeff and Sandy Szabat                                   

Stefanie Takacs                                

* The Teahouse & Restaurant

Russell Tims                                       

Kimball and Sharyn Udall                                             

John Vavruska and Laura Holt                                    

* Violet Crown Cinemas

* Susan Waters

Truel and Joan West                                      

Chris and Nancy Wood                                 

Nancy Zeckendorf                                          

Up to $99

*% Agua Caliente Farm

* Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory                  


*% Apogee Spirulina

Katie Arnold                                      

*% B & B Farm

Sam Baca and Rita Rios-Baca                                      

* Barbara Bowles Fine Art Jewelry                                          

Andrew Baron and Paula Cressy                                               

JoAnn Bethel                                    

*% Bodhi Farms

* Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge                  

*% Boxcar Farm

Lynne Loucks Buchen                                    

J. and M. Buchholz                                         

Dan and Amanda Burns                                

*% C4 Farms

Barbara Chatterjee                                        

Margo Chavez-Charles                                 

* Chello Grill                      

*% Chicken Paridiso

* Chuparosa                      

* Clafoutis French Bakery & Restaurant                

*% CLC Pecans, LLC        

*% Cloud Cliff Bakery

* Collected Works Bookstore & Coffee House                   

* Crazy Fox                        

Nicholas Dallman and Laura Stonehill                                     

Tony Dees                                          

#% Tom and Mary Dixon (Green Tractor Farm)

Tim and Nora Dolan                                       

Nate & Melissa Downey                                              

* Dulce                

Frances Ott Dunbar                                        


Jary Earl                                               

*% El Jardin de Chile de Chimayo

*% El Jardin De Flores

* El Nicho, Inc.                  

* El Rancho de las Golondrinas                  

Ron Ferguson                                   

Douglas and Gail Fine                                    

Richard and Dorothy H. Fitch                                      

Barbara Ann Fix                                               

Patricia Foschi                                   

Robert and Nancy Fox                                  

*% Freshies of New Mexico, LLC

Mike and Linda Garcia                                   

* Garcia Street Books                    

* Georgia O’Keeffe Museum                     

Richard Graham and Elizabeth Rickert                                    

*% Green Tractor Farm

* The Grove Cafe & Market                       

*% Growing Opportunities, Inc.

* Harrell House Bug Museum

*% Heidi’s Raspberry Farm

Linda Burns Herman                                      

*% Ice’s Organic Farm

*% J & L Gardens

* Jinja Bar & Bistro                          

* Joe’s Dining

*% John Trujillo Farm

Mariann Johnston                                          

Kirk and Roni Kadish                                      

* Kakawa Chocolate House

* Kowboyz

*% La Mesa Organic Farms         

* La Montanita Coop Food Market

*% La Otra Banda Farm

Nancy Lacy                                         

Dr. Leslie Lakind                                               

Bill Leeson and Heather Karlson                                               

Roger and Carla Levien                                 

Lucy R. Lippard                                 

Ellen Lowenburg                                             

*% Malandro Farm

Eileen Mandel                                  

Beatrice McGrath                                           

Tammy McLellan                                             

John Meade                                      

Tucker Melancon and Diana Moore                                        

*% Mendez Produce

* Douglas Merriam

*% Mi Young’s Farm

Ann Morgan                                      

* Kathleen Morse                                          

*% Mr. G’s Organic Produce

* New Mexico Pinon Coffee

Deanne K. Newman                                      

Katharine Norton                                            

*% Old Pecos Foods

*% One Straw Farm

* Op.cit.books

John Oosterhout and Lani J. Cayot                                          

William and Louise Pape                                              

* Paseo Pottery *           

* Payne’s Nurseries & Greenhouses, Inc.

* Pizza 9

* Pranzo Italian Grill

* Pueblo Harvest Café at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

* Rail Runner

* The Ranch House                        

*% Rancho La Jolla

*% Red Mesa Meats

Deborah Redmond                                        

*% Refugio Verde

*% Revolution Farm

Heather Robertson                                        

Oscar Rodriguez and Julia Valdez                                             

* Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi                

Patsie Ross                                        

Judy Ross                                           

Erma Ruth                                          

*% RZs Bees

*% Sage Coyote Farm

* Sandia Peak Tram Company

*% Santa Cruz Farm & Greenhouses

* Santa Fe Bar & Grill

* Santa Fe Spa

* Savory Spice Shop

*% Second Bloom Farm

Brenda Shears                                  

Cameron Siewert                                            

* Slate Street Café         

* Southwest Chutney/Willow Bakery

*% Southwest Mushroom Cultivators

*Spindoc Bike Shop & Indoor Cycling Studio

*% Sungreen Living Foods

*% Sunstar Herbs

* Teatro Paraguas

* Teca Tu – A Pawsworthy Emporium & Deli

Wolky and Mollie Toll                                    

* Trader Joe’s

* Tribes Coffee House

* Trimble Spa & Natural Hot Springs

*% Urban Rebel Farm

*% Vigil’s Chimayo Produce        

* Vivac Winery

Nic Walker and Barbara G. Roush                                             

Melanie West                                   

Robert and Bonnie Whalen                                        

Regina Wheeler                                               

* Wild Birds Unlimited                  

Paul and Jane Wilken                                    

* Wise Fool New Mexico

Barak Wolff and Cecilia Popp                                     

Judith S. Wooster                                           

Ellen Zieselman                                

*% Zulu’s Petals Organic Farm