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A Conversation with the Vagabond Farmers

May 11, 2021

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A Conversation with the Vagabond Farmers

A Conversation with the Vagabond Farmers, March 24, 2021

What is a signature item that you sell?

Principe Borghese tomatoes

What’s the best way to store it? How do you like to prepare it?

It is the best tomato for sun drying and we love it most roasted with garlic and olive oil. They turn into little umami bombs. We froze them and had tomatoes all winter.

How long have you been farming?

Combined, just over 14 years, learning from and working alongside farmers all over the North, West and Southwestern US.

How did you get into farming?

Osiris comes from generations of potato farmers in the midwest and his mom said that even when he was little he said that he wanted to be a broccoli farmer. Astrid was inspired by her work with refugee resettlement agencies and their programs in farming and gardening.

Do you own or rent the land you grow on?

We rent from a farmer who worked the land for eight years as Las Farministas and a beekeeper who stewards the land surrounding the farm which consists of native plants and pollinator gardens.

Are you certified organic? If not, are you no pesticides?

Not certified but are guided by organic standards and do not use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. We are lucky to have a thriving community of beneficial insects on the farm and do our best to control weeds, pests and disease using ecological practices.

How was your growing season last year? How’s it shaping up for this year?

It was a whirlwind! We both worked with other farmers last year and still managed to start up our home farm. This year, we will both be working full time for ourselves which hopefully amounts to more product and diversity.

How long have you been a member of the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market?

One fabulous year!

Share a favorite memory of the Market:

Connecting with market attendees over good food.

Besides farming, what takes up your time?

Walking the new Vagabond dog, Marla Hooch. Learning about and exploring more of Northern New Mexico. Cooking and sharing good food with friends and neighbors. And here’s hoping movie theaters open back up. We’re cinephiles.

Are you celebrating anything special this year (like an anniversary)?

First year full-time farming our own farm!

How would you describe yourself in one word or short phrase?

Growin’ on…

What is your favorite dish to make?

Deep dish cast iron pizza with homemade sauce and a crusty cheese wall.

Which vegetable or fruit speaks to you on a personal level and how?

It’s a new one every year. We’ve had wild, passionate love affairs with heirloom lettuce heads, fava beans, Armenian cucumbers, green chiles, red chiles… The best foods have a story and we have loved learning to grow different varieties that are precious to each new place and the people we farm with. Astrid has a particular love for learning about Mediterranean varieties because some of her family comes from the region.

Red or Green?


Proprietors: Astrid Yankosky and Osiris Nasnan
Farm Name: The Vagabond Farmers
Farm Location: La Puebla, NM
Contact: Email