Sarah Candelaria

Sarah Candelaria

Development and Communications Director

Sarah Candelaria is an esteemed outdoor enthusiast whose passion for nature fuels her dedication to community building and environmental stewardship. As the Founder of Nature Niños New Mexico, Sarah leads a transformative program aimed at expanding outdoor access and fostering inclusivity within youth and families. Through Nature Niños, she creates safe and welcoming spaces where individuals can cultivate skills and a profound connection to the outdoors, nurturing the next generation of conservationists and recreationalists.

Before assuming her role as the Development and Communications Director at the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute, Sarah served as the Deputy Director for the New Mexico Wildlife Federation, where she honed her expertise in wildlife conservation and advocacy. Her journey has been marked by a commitment to education, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and making strides towards her Masters of Social Work at New Mexico State University. Sarah's diverse professional background includes roles as a NM PreK Consultant for UNM, an early childhood center director, and a public school teacher, each experience contributing to her holistic understanding of community needs and educational development.

Furthermore, Sarah spent a decade fostering international exchange and cultural understanding as the Regional Director of a nonprofit program focused on J1 and F1 VISA high school exchange students. Her multifaceted skill set in management, program development, communication, and community engagement underscores her ability to effect meaningful change in both educational and environmental spheres.

With Sarah's unwavering dedication and rich blend of experiences, she continues to inspire others to embrace the outdoors, advocate for conservation and agricultural needs, and strive for inclusive and equitable communities.